Northwestern Hillel Fall Quarter FAQ's


What will Hillel offer me if I’m attending Northwestern remotely (and won’t be in Evanston this fall)? 
Whether you’re participating from Evanston, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, or anywhere else in the world, Hillel is here for you and available to you. We are committed to maintaining a robust menu of virtual opportunities that will be available regardless of where you are calling in from. We’re also planning to offer many opportunities to connect virtually through different cohorts of students by class years, especially first year and sophomore students given last week’s announcement. We will also focus our attention towards creating cohorts of juniors and seniors who are remote this quarter. If that’s you, please be in touch with Natalie Dibo, Doppelt Director of Engagement.   

Will Hillel be offering in-person programming? 
As of now, Hillel is not planning to offer in-person programming, and instead all of our programs and activities will be provided virtually so that everyone can participate regardless of where they are living. We will continue to monitor conditions in Evanston and will adjust our offerings accordingly.

How do I find out about what’s happening through Hillel?
How do I get involved in Hillel’s activities?

We're so glad you asked! 


There are many ways to get involved with Hillel and know about what is happening in our community. If you’re a student getting this email, you should also be getting our weekly What’sNU newsletter. If you are not, please email Ilana Bleich and we will make sure you are added. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join NU Jews, a Facebook group for Jewish students at Northwestern. You can contact anyone on our staff or Hillel Exec Board to learn more as well. We’re excited to welcome you into our community!

If I want to meet with a Hillel staff member, can I do that in person, virtually, or both?
During Wildcat Wellness, Hillel staff is available to meet virtually. We’re sad we can’t meet or catch up with you over a cup of coffee; instead we encourage you to set up a time with a staff member over Zoom from our living rooms. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug!) - we’d love to talk to you. Seriously!

Following Wildcat Wellness, Hillel staff members will be available to meet in person with students on a case-by-case basis (we are all figuring out our own comfort levels with in-person meetings!). 

Our virtual hangout offerings will continue to be available.

Hillel’s building was undergoing a renovation during most of last year.
Is the building ready to be re-opened?
Can I come see it or spend time inside studying or meeting?
Will coffee or snacks be available?
Can I use the printer?

We are excited that our long-planned renovation of the Hillel building at 629 Foster Street will be completed in September. However, the building will not be open to the public (including students and members of the University community) during the Wildcat Wellness quarantine period. We are awaiting the University’s guidance regarding campus buildings to determine whether we will be able to permit any use of the building during the remainder of Fall Quarter, and we will share that information as soon as it is available.

Will Hillel be offering High Holiday services and meals?
We have a robust offering of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, meals, and experiences, regardless of where you’ll be. Nearly all of our High Holiday programming will be virtual. An email with details regarding our High Holiday offerings will be coming shortly; additionally, you can check out our website for more information. 

What will Hillel be offering for Shabbat services and meals?
As we have been doing since the University went remote in March, we offer a weekly virtual Shabbat gathering for rituals and community-building. These weekly calls will continue throughout Fall Quarter. If you would like to get involved or help design these experiences, please contact Rabbi Jessica Lott

Hillel will offer Shabbat meals to students living in Evanston starting September 25 (the week after Rosh Hashanah). Students will have the option of signing up to receive pre-packaged kosher meals or to be reimbursed if they wish to cook a meal in their own apartments/homes. We will share further details and sign-up information in the coming weeks. And if you need a Shabbat kit full of the necessities for celebrating Shabbat, fill out our form here and a member of Hillel Exec will deliver it to you. Please contact Ilana Bleich, our Springboard Innovation Fellow, with questions regarding Shabbat meals.

Will I have access to Kosher food on campus? 
For students living on campus, during Wildcat Wellness you can access Kosher meals through the university’s website for the modified quarantine, which includes Rosh Hashanah meals. After Wildcat Wellness, Kosher options will be available at one of the open dining halls.

If I am Shabbat-observant and need to come to campus, how do I submit my daily symptom monitoring on Shabbat or holidays?
Any student who is coming to campus needs to fill out a daily symptom monitoring form on-line or on a phone application that is being tested now. Students living off campus who are not coming to campus do not need to fill out a daily symptom monitor. If you are Shabbat-observant and wish to enter campus during Shabbat or a holiday, you may either pre-sign up for a member of the Northwestern community to take your attestation verbally, or you may fill it out after Shabbat or the holiday ends.

Will Hillel support me if I am in quarantine or isolation housing on campus?
Of course! Please make sure we know if you need to quarantine or isolate so we can support you in a safe way.   

Will Birthright, Alternative Break, and/or other immersive trips be happening in 2020-21?
As of now, we do not anticipate any Hillel-sponsored travel (domestic or international) during the 2020-21 academic year. We will continue to assess the possibility of such trips and share information as soon as we have it.

What if I have more questions?
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the Hillel staff and we will do our best to answer your questions as promptly and completely as possible. Check our website regularly for updates.