Passover 2021 Information

Northwestern Hillel is excited to help students experience Passover both virtually and in person this year! Whether you're on campus, at home, or somewhere else entirely, we can't wait to celebrate Passover with you! 
Please reach out to Rabbi Jessica Lott at with any Passover questions. 
Kosher-for-Passover Food
Hillel is working in close partnership with Northwestern Dining to ensure Kosher meal distributions from our building at 629 Foster. We will provide kosher-for-Passover meals, lunch and dinner, starting with a seder meal on Saturday, March 27th through lunch on Sunday, April 4th. Students living in a residence hall and/or with a dining plan will be able to swipe their Wildcard for a meal at Hillel during Passover. Students without a dining plan will be able to pick up Passover meals from Hillel for free.
Sign up for kosher-for-Passover meals for pickup at Hillel HERE
If you applied for a Passover reimbursement, you can submit your receipts HERE.


Can I go to Hillel to get my meal(s) even though it is Wildcat Wellness?

Yes! Northwestern Hillel is the only Kosher for Passover on-campus dining option over Passover, so you can treat the Hillel building like you would any dining hall during the Wildcat Wellness period. There is no dine-in available (just like the dining hall!) but students are invited in for pickup grab-and-go.

What is the deal with the Stop and Shop at Hillel? 

When you come by for your meal, you are welcome to pick up free K for P (kosher for Passover) items like matzah, jam, sweets, snacks and more. We’ll have packaged kitniyot (non-wheat grains, corn, beans and seeds) snacks as well as items that do not contain kitniyot.  We ask that you BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) to stock up if you are interested in picking up these free pantry items when you come for meals. Please note that the Stop and Shop is only open during meal times!  You can also come by just for the Shop and Shop!

Do I pay for meals?

If you have a meal plan, we are asking that you swipe in when you show up for a meal just as you would at a dining hall. If you do not have a meal plan, these meals are free. Still, everyone is asked to check-in on site on their phone (more info below on that)  so we know who is showing up for COVID safety reasons. If a friend is picking up a meal for you and you’re on a meal plan, please make sure your friend brings YOUR Wildcard with them to swipe for you! 

We are also providing meal reimbursements for Shabbat, seder, and other chag meals. You can get reimbursed for up to $15 for a seder meal and up to $12 for a Shabbat/chag meal.

What happens when I show up?

When you arrive at the Hillel building (629 Foster) you will scan a QR code to fill out a Google Sheet for contact tracing. If you are using your meal plan, you’ll check in with the staff member stationed outside to swipe you in. There will be a socially-distanced line you’ll hop into when you’re done with all that. The Stop and Shop is first up inside, so when you’re in line you can grab those items as you continue to wait to get to the buffet. There will also be fun Passover content to check out via QR codes in the building as you wait, or to browse later. The meals are buffet style, and food service staff will work with you to build your to-go box (boxes are provided). Staff will be there to assist and answer questions along the way.

Wait, so when exactly are the meal times?

  • Friday 3/26: 2-4pm

  • Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-2pm (lunch) and 6pm-8pm (dinner)

  • Friday 4/2: 12pm-4pm (this is lunch AND dinner pickup + plus any meals you need to pick up for Saturday!)

  • Sunday 4/4: 12-2pm (lunch only that day, since Passover ends that night!).

Check out our How Can I Eat During Passover? guide to finding food on campus during Passover, the rules of Kosher for Passover and where to shop locally in advance.
Once you’ve got those groceries, it’s time to get cooking!
Here is a Cookbook of Passover recipes from Northwestern Hillel staff, students, and their families. Check out our instagram @northwesternhillel throughout the week for cookalongs!
If you want to sell your chametz (leavened foods) please contact Rabbi Jessica Lott.
Other Passover Learning and Activities
Check our Instagram for daily Passover activities!
Join the Self Care in the Omer group and receive a workbook with daily mindfulness practices plus meet weekly for reflection and accountability on Fridays at 1pm CT starting from the day before Passover through Shavuot (3/26-5/21).
Learn about Passover!
Check out these social justice focused Haggadot, inserts, and supplements you can add to your seder:
  • Avodah’s social justice Passover resource guide includes Haggadot, supplements, and inserts about COVID-19, immigration and refugees, labor rights, mass incarceration, racial justice, and more.  

  • Carolina Jews for Justice has an insert with guiding questions about antisemitism you can read during the breaking of the middle matzah.

  • Repair the World has an insert about housing justice.  

  • The National Council of Jewish Women has a feminist supplement, The Five Women of the Exodus.