Student Exec Structure

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The President is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the work of the Hillel Executive Board, ensuring that the Board’s various focus areas and projects are defined and carried out efficiently and effectively. The President should always seek opportunities to strengthen and improve the organization and implement new initiatives. The President is responsible for leading Exec Board meetings that address issues important to the Jewish community at Northwestern and to the campus as a whole. This position requires a person who can think with a big picture perspective, manage the dynamics of a team, and pay close attention to the details of Hillel’s many moving parts. As the student representative of Northwestern Hillel, the President is responsible for being the primary connector between Hillel Exec and other campus organizations, as well as a student liaison to the Hillel staff and Board of Directors.


Vice President

The Engagement Vice President is responsible for fostering a warm, inviting, and vibrant Hillel community by creating opportunities for relationship building and mentorship among “Hillel involved” students*. Through organizing coffee chats, bonding among classes, and programs like Hillel Buddies, the Engagement Vice President will work to help ensure that students who are connected to Hillel--in ways such as holding leadership positions, attending programs, or participating in Shabbat and holiday experiences--feel supported by and connected to the organization and our community. *This can mean anything from being a Hillel student group leader to attending a Shabbat dinner to going on an ASB.


Vice President

The Outreach Vice President is responsible for bringing the outside community into Hillel, and for bringing Hillel into the greater community. By identifying issues (Jewish, campus, national, or global!) that the Hillel community connects to, the Outreach Vice President will provide opportunities for engaging with interfaith communities, social justice work, and other issues to ensure that Hillel can be a force for good on campus. Additionally, in partnership with the President, he/she will help grow and maintain meaningful relationships with other student organizations.

Programming Vice President

The Programming Vice Presidents are responsible for planning and executing Hillel’s cultural and social initiatives and events. They will nominate chairs for major and recurring events, including, but not limited to Latkepalooza, Dillo Shabbat and bagel brunches. They will, along with their board, devise new, innovative programs aimed to fill a void in cultural opportunities for Jewish students . The Programming VPs will work closely with the Engagement, Communications and Outreach Vice Presidents and Hillel staff to attract students for these events.

Religious Life Vice President

The Religious Life Vice Presidents will, along with their board, create religious and educational programming in order to help students deepen their connection to Judaism. Religious Life Vice Presidents manage a board of students committed to planning and facilitating religious and educational programming for Shabbats and holidays. Working closely with the Campus Rabbi, RVPs will strengthen existing religious communities on campus and provide comfortable spaces and programs for students with diverse levels of ritual observance, spiritual connections, and intellectual passions.