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Symposium- what you need to know

In late October, intense debate on campus erupted following President Schapiro's message to the University community about weekend protests in Evanston. President Schapiro raised concerns about potentially antisemitic statements made by some protesters, and in response NU Community Not Cops issued a statement that condemned antisemitism but added that "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism." In the days that followed, students and others expressed concern, frustration, and pressing questions regarding antisemitism, Zionism, anti-Zionism, and the role of the Jewish community in movements for racial and social justice. 


As part of our efforts to address these questions, Northwestern Hillel is hosting a Symposium on Zionism, Antisemitism, and Social Justice. Working with Northwestern faculty and colleagues from The Hartman Institute and other key institutions, we will unpack many of the questions that arose in October and explore these issues both in the Northwestern context and in the broader context of the nation and the world.


We invite the entire Northwestern community to participate in the Symposium (except the Town Square event, which is for students only). We especially encourage students who have lingering questions -- or new questions -- to come for an opportunity to deepen your knowledge regarding these vexing issues. We hope that this Symposium will build understanding within -- and beyond -- the Jewish community at Northwestern.


Students are invited to post their questions regarding the issues we'll address at the Symposium here. Students' questions will be shared with our Symposium presenters in the hope of making each Symposium session as relevant as possible to the interests and concerns of students.

Schedule of events

Zionism, Antisemitism, and the 21st Century

Monday, January 11 @5:00 pm CST

Opening conversation between Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer & Dr. Claire Sufrin

Watch the recording here

Passcode: 8h7H2!K?


What is Zionism?

Tuesday, January 12 @12:30pm CST

Featuring an introduction and framing by Dr. Sara Hirschhorn

Guests: Mohammad Darawshe and Dr. Masua Sagiv

Watch the recording here

Passcode: 1g*W0E*c

Antisemitism Then and Now: A Workshop

Tuesday, January 12 @7:30pm CST

Featuring an introduction and framing by Dr. David Shyovitz

Guests: Amy Spitalnik & Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

Watch the recording here

Passcode: 53?ZJ.xg

Social Justice Movements and the Jewish Community: A Panel

Wednesday, January 13 @7:00pm CST

Facilitated by Dr. Lilah Shapiro

Guests: Amanda Berman, Zioness; Yasmine Esther, Community Educator; Emilia Diamant, Educator

Watch the recording here

Passcode: S6M+g^z5

Resetting the Table Town Square

Thursday, January 14 @5:00pm CST

Invite Only

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