ZOOZ Board 2016-2017

Aitan H. Licht

Major/Year: Spanish and Economics; Junior


Hometown: Northbrook, IL


My hobbies include playing piano and drums, soccer and baseball, cheering on the New York Yankees, and hanging out with my brothers! I believe that equality and dignity for all will only come about through a commitment to Tikkun Olam—“Repairing the World.” I see social justice advocacy and direct service efforts as the primary ways that we, as college students, can help in the never-ending project of mending the injustices of our society. Thoughtful educational programming, focused advocacy campaigns, and community service are of utmost value. These efforts not only bring the deserved attention and aid to specific causes, but also nurture within us the compassion and upstanding tendencies that will empower us to strive toward large-scale change in the future. I would be a sesame bagel because...in a way, you might consider me an average 21 year-old guy (a plain bagel), but, I think there is also an extra flavor about me (sesame) that sets me apart! 

Jessica Hoffen

Major/Year: Psychology, minoring in Global Health Studies and Science in Human Culture; Junior


Hometown: Northbrook, IL


I love exploring new places and trying not to get too lost as I wander around, looking for cute coffee shops, mom and pop stores and local festivals.  I also believe in culinary tours of cities, because food is life (dessert tour of Chicago anyone??).  Used book stores are my favorite places and you can occasionally catch me at Market Fresh Books getting way too excited about all the great finds. I also love big puzzles that I can turn into wall art and a good old netflix and chill night. I am interested in the intersection between culture and health, and love hearing peoples stories and listening to the many wonderful speakers who come to Northwestern. I am most passionate about health equity, a term that I define as building a health system in which financial resources, hometown, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language and legal status have no bearing on the quality of health care individuals receive and the health resources they have access to. I additionally am passionate about addressing systemic inequalities particularly in and around Chicago, as these are the root cause of health, education, and economic disparities in the city, which continue to marginalize many residents. Lastly, I am passionate about interfaith and intercultural learning, as I believe the diversity of backgrounds present in and around Chicago is one of our greatest assets and love being able to learn from the wonderful individuals I share this area with. I am a Max and Benny’s Sesame Bagel (Max and Benny’s is an A+ Jewish Deli I highly recommend to anyone reading this). This bagel is warm, squishy, and multi-functional.  It is happy to be toasted with cream cheese, made in into bagel chips, or to be part of a lox sandwich. While it is seemingly un-noteworthy, it promises to provide comfort and support to everyone willing to reach out, grab it off the bagel rack, and take a bite! As a side note, sesame seeds are the most wonderful seasoning known to humankind and need not be explained. 

Arielle Ticho
Advocacy Co-Chair

Major/Year: Social Policy major, Spanish minor; Junior


Hometown: Newton, MA


I love reading, biking, adventuring, eating, having deep talks with friends, and making magazine collages. I am moved by the possibility of helping others grow into their own potential. I want to be an elementary school teacher and I believe that giving people the tools to help themselves is the best way to make positive change in the world. Empowering students to make change for themselves is my version of tikkun olam. I am a blueberry bagel because I'm sweet but slightly off the beaten track.  

Jacob Rosenblum
Advocacy Co-Chair

Major/Year: Social Policy and Statistics; Junior


Hometown: Bethesda, MD


Loving Chicago, talking about Chicago, looking at Chicago real estate are my hobbies. Inequality, especially in the Chicago area moves me. This city is so beautiful and filled with so many assets - I think these assets should be more evenly distributed and available so more Chicagoans can live better lives.  I am a gluten free bagel because THAT'S THE ONLY KIND I CAN EAT :'( #celiacdisease

Miriam Mikhelson
Direct Service Co-Chair

Major/Year: Psychology, Junior


Hometown: Northbrook, IL


I love outdoor activities like snowboarding and camping. I also enjoy playing tennis, photography, and traveling. But really, most of my time is spent on eating, watching tv and movies, and quoting said tv and movies to people who never seem to understand my references.  I am moved by the knowledge of each person's ability to have a positive impact on the world. Everyone has a distinct set of experiences, perspectives, and skills that can be applied to improving their communities or the world at-large. By constantly reminding myself of the power I have to make a difference, I am inspired to use what makes me a unique member of society and do as much as good as I can through service, my future career, and through my interactions with the people around me. I am, without a doubt, an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. This is clearly the superior bagel of all bagels and I wouldn't want to be seen as anything less than the best. Also I could honestly eat it for every meal, and while it would slowly clog my arteries, it would simultaneously warm my soul.

Brooke Hassan
Direct Service Co-Chair

Major/Year: Political Science (except this could change any day now), Pre-med; Sophomore


Hometown: New York, NY


Traveling is my favorite thing in the world. I also love animals, yoga, baking, reading, and learning languages. Interacting with people who want to make a difference in the world moves me. I love to be around people who are very passionate about a cause and willing to work hard to see a change in the world. I’m a sesame bagel because they’re so good and have the perfect amount of flavor, but they’re not overwhelming like everything bagels can be. (They’re also just my favorite and I don’t really have a real reason). 

Mara Cohen
Service Learning Chair

Major/Year: Neuroscience and Global Health; Freshman


Hometown: Cleveland, OH


My hobbies and interests include GlobeMed, ballet, medicine, volunteer work, and Greek life. Lack of equality and my own personal experience move me.  I have been fortunate enough to have so many amazing experiences in my life, but I know that many people do not get these experiences or have access to the same things that I do.  I am moved by a desire to change that and give everyone access to basic necessities, as well as interesting experiences and opportunities. I am a blueberry bagel – Seemingly simple and not trying to stand out, but extra sweet on the inside.

Caroline Kaden
PR Chair

Major/Year: Chemical Engineering; Freshman


Hometown: San Antonio, TX


Dance is my life but when I’m not practicing I love to listen to music, read books, travel, and make new friends! I am moved by the people around me. I love learning what makes other people happy, what knowledge they have to offer the world and what they care about. I love meeting new people and learning from them. I love getting people together who all have the same goal. I love getting people together who all have different backgrounds. I am moved by seeing what other people have to offer and how I can help them. I am absolutely an everything bagel. There are a lot of different aspects of my personality, much like the different seeds on the bagels. Together the seeds – or my different characteristics – make a harmonious (and delicious) flavor!!