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Graduate & Professional Students

Northwestern is home to many Jewish graduate and professional students on both the Evanston and Chicago Campuses. There are currently three formal Jewish graduate student organizations at Northwestern: JMSO, JLSA, and JBA.


If you are a Jewish graduate student on the Evanston or Chicago campus, fill out this form so we can keep you posted on opportunities throughout the year for graduate students and young professionals. For questions about these opportunities or to be added to the graduate student newsletter, Emily Resnik at

JMSO (Jewish Medical Student Organization)

JMSO is dedicated to helping students remain actively connected to their Jewish identities during their time at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine. JMSO hosts Shabbat dinners, holiday get-togethers, and other events to encourage discussion, service, and self-reflection.


JLSA (Jewish Law Students Association)

JLSA sponsors activities and events that improve the social, educational, and religious life of Jewish students at Northwestern Law, promote an understanding of Jewish issues and concerns among students, and establish meaningful relationships and joint activities with local organizations to provide law students with opportunities to give back to the greater Chicago community.


JBA (Jewish Business Association)

The Jewish Business Association is both a professional and community-oriented Kellogg club focused on Jewish culture. Our mission includes delivering a diverse platform of opportunities and activities for the Kellogg community to gain exposure to Israeli business and other related topics. In addition, the JBA provides a portal to Jewish life at Kellogg. We strive to build community through events and holiday celebrations, raise overall Jewish awareness on campus, and connect our members to Jewish life outside Kellogg. The club is open to all members of the Kellogg community: Jewish and non-Jewish, students, faculty, family, and friends.



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