NU Perspectives 2021!


"This experience was an incredible learning, emoting and connecting exercise that I am excited to continue at Northwestern and beyond. There are so many takeaways from the trip beyond forming an informed opinion on the conflict, and a major one that I am so incredibly thankful for is the expansion of my capacity and understanding of empathy." - Meezahn Senbetta, '20

"The NU Perspectives journey far exceeded any expectations I had for it going in. I think the care and thought that was put into every moment of the itinerary made the trip fulfilling both intellectually and emotionally. I was challenged, provoked, and engaged throughout the duration of the journey, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of the inaugural cohort for this experiences." - Adam Yates, '19



NU Perspectives is Northwestern Hillel’s leadership journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The purpose of this program is to educate emerging and current Northwestern undergraduate student leaders about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, shining an intentional light on the complexities and nuances in an immersive and experiential way.


This highly selective program seeks students who are greatly motivated to gain a deeper understanding of Israel and Palestine and to share what they learn with the broader Northwestern community. Throughout the journey, participants will be expected to ask challenging questions, engage in group discussions and reflection, and to practice resilient listening.


Participants in NU Perspectives will form a learning community to further one another’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and Palestine. All participants will be required to participate in two to three intensive pre-trip orientation sessions during fall quarter 2021, and the cohort will reconvene following the trip for follow-up programming in winter and spring quarter 2021.

What you can expect on the summer journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories:

· Explore the multi-ethnic, religious, and national diversity of the Old City of Jerusalem and other parts of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

· Tour the separation barrier/security wall that divides Israel and the West Bank.

· Gain a close-up understanding of the geopolitical challenges on the Gaza-Israel border in the south and the Syria-Israel border in the north.

· Visit Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Haifa and Akko, Jerusalem, and key sites of interest throughout Israel.

· Visit Ramallah, the current capital of the Palestinian Authority, and other areas of the Palestinian Territories to hear from Palestinian leaders and locals.

· Learn from, and engage with, a variety of voices and perspectives from the religious, secular, Druze, Christian, Jewish-Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim, and other communities.

· Meet journalists, politicians, artists, intellectuals, activists, and other leaders.

· Enjoy delicious cuisine, hike in the beautiful desert, and build community with a diverse group of fellow Northwestern students.

· Click here to see summer 2018 itinerary.


·     Applications are due Thursday, September 30

·     Interviews will take place in early Octuber.

·     Pre-trip orientation sessions will take place during November.

·     Tentative dates for our journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories will be December 19- December 30, 2021.

·     Post-trip programming will take place in winter and spring quarter 2022.


Additional Information:

· Students selected for this initiative will participate on a very highly-subsidized 10-day educational journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. NU Perspectives will cover all flights, hotels, and travel throughout the trip as well as two meals per day.

· If you have questions about NU Perspectives or would like further information, please contact Yuval Gutlohn ( or Michael Simon (


*Important Safety and Health Notice regarding NU Perspectives*

Northwestern Hillel is following all Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, and CDC safety and health guidelines related to COVID-19. Currently, a December 2021 trip to Israel is possible, and we plan to select a group of participants for that trip. Please be advised that the trip may be postponed or cancelled due to changing COVID restrictions. We will do our utmost to inform participants as quickly as possible about any trip changes and to minimize schedule disruptions or out-of-pocket costs for participants. If the trip is cancelled, all participant deposits will be refunded.

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