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Other Israel Opportunities

Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel Journey connects Jewish young adults (ages 18-30) to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs. Masa Israel Journey offers over 200 study, internship, and volunteer opportunities across Israel, lasting between five and twelve months. Masa's program finder lets you search a range of dates, locations, and types of programs so you can find the most relevant options for you.

Onward Israel

Onward Israel offers mid-length Israel experiences (6-10 weeks) to students and young adults, primarily during the summer, speaking directly to the interests and concerns of the young adult population entering the labor force in a global world. Programs are structured around resume-building opportunities, such as internships, service learning, and academic courses.

Pardes Institute


Apply now for the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Summer Program in Jerusalem!

Session 1: July 5-23, 2020
Session 2: July 27-August 13, 2020


Want to interact with Jewish text this summer in a fun and engaging way and learn more about Israel through weekly trips? Then this is the opportunity for you!

Check the our website or email with questions.

Yalla Israel Experience Grants

As part of its mission of inspiring every Jewish student at Northwestern to make an enduring and meaningful commitment to Jewish life, NU Hillel encourages students to build a personal connection to Israel through travel, study, and work experiences. This year, thanks to the generous contribution of a wonderful Northwestern family, NU Hillel is pleased to offer Yalla Israel Experience Grants for Northwestern students who will be studying, interning, volunteering, and/or working in Israel between March-September 2020.


Each Yalla grant will be at least $250. Yalla grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. To be considered for a grant, please complete the application here and submit it as soon as possible.


Have questions or want more information? Contact Michael Simon, Executive Director, at

Yahel Social Change Program

Looking to do good in the world? The Fall 2020 Yahel Social Change Program gives young graduates age 21-27 the opportunity to engage with social change and community work firsthand, by volunteering and interning alongside grassroots activists and educators in Israel's most diverse communities. 


Benefits of joining the Yahel Social Change Program:


•Contribute to real social change efforts: get hands-on experience working in grassroots social change efforts in partnership with nonprofits and local activists. 

•Explore your relationship with Israel: the Social Change Program is an environment where your diverse views and questions about Israel are heard, welcomed, and examined. 

•Meaningful personal growth: explore and gain confidence and clarity about your personal values, passions, politics, and career path. 

•Prepare for your career of “doing good”: gain valuable skills and experience for a career in service—from nonprofit work, to medicine, to law.  


Yahel's programs use a community-based service learning model. Partnering with local organizations and initiatives allows Yahel to base the service work on local expertise and ensure that participants contribute in a meaningful way to a variety of valuable programs and organizations. This partnership provides participants with a holistic view of community development through civic engagement.

Applications are now open. Learn more and apply here.


Kefiada is JUF's English-immersion, American style day camp in Kiryat Gat-Lachish-Shafir, Israel. JUF has been connected to this region in israel for over 20 years! Kefiada campers are 4th-6th graders and the counselors are college students from Chicago or go to school in Illinois. Kefiada serves as a bridge over the summer for Israeli students to retain the English that they have learned during the school year and expand on it. Plus, Kef means fun in Hebrew so there are theme days, color wars, arts and crafts, capture the flag, and swimming...all in English. The counselors get to see Israel from a different angle, really become a part of Israeli life and help Israelis in a meaningful way. There is no program cost, plus free room and board and $1200 flight stipends for all counselors. Applications, and FAQs, can be found at

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