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Passover is the holiday when we tell the greatest story of the Jewish tradition, our transition from being enslaved people in Egypt to being a free people, traveling toward the goal of life in the Promised Land. More frequently than anything else in the Torah, we are commanded to remember that we were slaves in Egypt and we were led out to freedom.This pushes us to identify as a people of miracles, a people of purpose, and a people of empathy. Passover is a time to connect to all of those ideas.

Like all Jewish holidays, Passover is an opportunity not only to relive the past but also to come together in the present to celebrate in community. This year we are so grateful to be back together and we're excited to offer songful and soulful seders, delicious meals, and lots of moments to connect with the Northwestern Jewish community throughout the holiday (April 5-13). 


Northwestern Hillel is working in close partnership with Northwestern Dining to ensure Kosher meals are available at the Hillel building at 629 Foster starting with a Seder meal on Friday, April 5 through dinner on Thursday, April 13. Students living in a residence hall and/or with a dining plan will be able to swipe their Wildcard for a meal at Hillel during Passover. Students without a dining plan will also be able to dine in or pick up Kosher for Passover meals from Hillel thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Some people have a custom of selling their chametz for the week of Passover. To do so, please fill out this form before 4pm on April 5.

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