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Every year, Jews around the world gather with their families, friends, neighbors, and communities to tell a miraculous liberation story. It’s tradition to tell the story in the first person: “This is what happened to me when I went out of Egypt.” This, in and of itself, is part of that miracle. It is a miracle that we are connected to the Jewish story throughout time and space. It is a miracle that we see ourselves reflected in an ancient story of slaves becoming free. It is a miracle to get to celebrate together as a Jewish community, and to welcome others into that celebration.


Join Northwestern Hillel for our community Passover Seders: 

  • First Seder - Monday, April 22 @ 7:15pm (doors open @ 6:45pm)

  • Second Seders - Tuesday, April 23 @ 7:30pm (doors open @ 7:15pm)

For ALL Seders, RSVP in advance is required. Please register here to reserve your spot. Registration will close on Sunday, April 2. We will do our best to accommodate those who miss the deadline and are, therefore, on the waitlist.

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Northwestern Hillel is working in close partnership with Northwestern Dining to ensure Kosher meals are available at the Hillel building at 629 Foster starting with a Seder meal on Monday, April 22 through dinner on Tuesday, April 30. Students living in a residence hall and/or with a dining plan will be able to use their meal plan for a meal at Hillel during Passover. Students without a dining plan will also be able to dine in or pick up Kosher for Passover meals from Hillel for free thanks to the generosity of our donors.

With the exception of Seders and Shabbat Dinner, the meal schedule is as follows:

  • Lunch 11:30am - 1:30pm

  • Dinner 5:30pm - 7:30pm

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