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What is Schmooze?
Schmooze is our pre-orientation program (POP) for incoming first-year students at Northwestern. This year, we will be hosting Schmooze on Sunday, September 11th. 

SCHMOOZE is a chance to meet other incoming Jewish students, as well as current students, and explore Jewish life on campus through various activities! 

Additional Questions?
Feel free to email with any questions or concerns!
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Schmooze was something I felt nervous about going into my first year. As a freshman I didn’t know anyone, but I think it was one of the smartest decisions I made first quarter. Not only was schmooze lots of fun, but I ended up meeting some of my closest friends through Schmooze. Beyond that, by the time Wildcat Welcome started I already had a group of friendly, familiar faces around campus. In addition, I got helpful tips and info from the upperclassmen about all things Northwestern — both the Jewish and the non-Jewish. I definitely recommend doing schmooze, especially if you’re on the fence about it. It can only help you in your exciting start to Northwestern!  - Jason '23

Schmooze was a great opportunity to get oriented to the spirit of Northwestern. Not only did I find incredible guidance and perspective from the older students, I also was introduced to the warm and welcoming home of Hillel and its staff. Not to mention, you’ll meet members of your class who you’ll be friends with for a long, long time...whether you see them around campus, in your classes, or at Shabbat dinners! - Andrew '23

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