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Jewish Life at Hillel

“We make a mistake when we think religion is only about believing. It’s also about belonging; and belonging is about community…”

~Rabbi Jonathan Sacks 


Northwestern Hillel encourages students to explore and engage in various aspects of Jewish life during their years on campus, in community with each other and as thoughtful individuals. Whether celebrating Jewish holidays together, learning Jewish perspectives on college life, or meeting one-on-one with our campus rabbi, Northwestern students can regularly reconsider what religious life might look like in the 21st century. See below to learn more about what Jewish life Hillel can offer your body, mind, and soul.


Kosher options on the meal plan are available on Northwestern's Campus throughout the week at the Allison and Elder Dining Halls.

On Friday nights, come to Northwestern Hillel for free kosher Shabbat dinners. Shabbat dinner begins at 7:00pm throughout the fall quarter.


Interested in learning more about Judaism and Jewish life? Northwestern Hillel offers a range of exciting learning opportunities to help you learn more about yourself and your Judaism, regardless of your background. 


Discover how Jewish practice might relate to your daily life through the FAQs for Jews series of lunch-and-learns. Pursue your passion for social justice through service learning sessions put on by ZOOZ. Creatively express yourself by signing up for the Jewish Writers Workshop.


Take a break from classwork and tend to your soul every Friday night with one of our two wonderful, student-led Shabbat prayer options: Reform and Conservative. Services in the fall quarter begin at 6:00pm.


Northwestern Hillel is also proud to host the Evanston Orthodox Minyan, a weekly group of Evanston community members that gathers every Saturday morning at 9:30am with an open invite for students to join.

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